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My harddrive just crashed and HP is asking me to pay them to get a recovery media in order to re-install Windows on the new hard drive. Now, Windows 10 uses digital licenses tied to out Microsoft Account. So, I guess I should be able to grab a iso of the same edition of Windows online, install it, and then activate it by signing in to my MS Account. Only thing I can't seem to figure out is how do I check if I have a digital license linked to my account. https://account.microsoft.com/devices does show my connected devices but there isn't any option to check my license. Also,found a answer elsewhere stating that this page only shows the devices linked, not the one which have license. What I want to know is , How do I check whether the digital license is there in my MS Account or not ?

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  • Just download the ISO from Microsoft and install Windows 10, your OEM license, will automatically activate. Checking if you have a digital license is a waste of time (you do have one), I have written at least 10 answers, to various questions that answer your question – Ramhound Apr 21 '18 at 8:02
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    no disrespect, but how can you be so sure ? @Ramhound – Abhishek Ranjan Apr 21 '18 at 8:05
  • I have already documented how I know the answer to this question in other answers, if you don’t believe me, that is fine. – Ramhound Apr 21 '18 at 15:07

Download the same edition you had on your old computer by using the Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. If your product key is stored in the computer's motherboard it should automatically insert it during the installation process. If not, when asked you choose "I don't have a product key".

On the part when when Windows installation assistant asks you to create or insert your existing Microsoft account you enter your Microsoft account and when the install is finished your copy of Windows should be activated.

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    My question was how do I check if my account has a digital license linked to it. This does not answer my question. – Abhishek Ranjan Apr 21 '18 at 8:15
  • It answers your question only not in "direct" way cause if your product actually gets activated after entering your microsoft account you will know: Yes you have a digital licence, if not you don't. – Ricardo Bohner Apr 21 '18 at 9:07
  • If you go to settings -> Updates & Security -> Activation it will also tell you if your Windows is activated by a digital license. – Ricardo Bohner Apr 21 '18 at 9:19
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    Read the question, hard drive CRASHED – Abhishek Ranjan Apr 21 '18 at 9:20
  • I know, but after you reinstall Windows in the new harddrive and sign in with your microsoft account – Ricardo Bohner Apr 21 '18 at 10:35

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